Notes for Visitors

If you are a regular visitor or intend to visit our harbour whilst on holiday or visiting in Cornwall we are sure you will enjoy your time with us.

Please be aware that Portreath Harbour is a functional working harbour and therefore can be a very busy place to be; especially at weekends when both the commercial boats and leisure craft are casting off, mooring, loading gear or unloading fish. please be aware of vehicular activity along the harbour quay side and in the Association (members only) car park by the boat shed which is located at the end of the harbours inner basin. If you have children with you for their own safety please keep them under close supervision at all times and if you intend to bring your dog with you please keep him/her on a lead.

Our busiest times are around two and a have hours before and two and a half hours after each high tide when vessel activity is at its highest especially between the months of February to November. Around the end of October each year the majority of the boats are craned out for the winter lay-up being craned back into the water between the following March/May depending on the weather.

We would ask you not to enter the harbour basins or outer turning area during low tides, the inner; basins are full of mooring ropes; chains and buoys and you run the risk of being trapped in these areas by the incoming tide! Swimming or jumping from the quayside in to the sea in the harbour basins turning area, harbour entrance or harbour approaches is dangerous at any state of the tide. Please remember boats don’t have brakes they can’t stop or manoeuvre like a car and dependent on the running state of the sea the harbour approaches can be difficult to navigate without having to avoid people jumping in front of them. Hitting your head or breaking a leg is bad enough! being shredded by a boats propeller is another!!!!

Proudly we have a modest commercial fleet of five fishing boats which pot, net and rod & line fish the local seas. However only one of our boats is licensed to carry paying passengers for the purpose of fishing, sightseeing or transportation; she is Early Dawn LL307 skippered by Simon Warren S.F.I.A. you can contact him through . Therefore we would ask you not to ask our other skippers to take you on board to go to sea for any purpose; our other skippers for reasons of M.C.A. licensing, health & safety, insurance etc will not be able to comply with your request and for your safety will say NO!

We are sorry to say that although the harbour has a slipway we are unable to accommodate the launching of Non-Association Members boats; for no other reason than we do not have a resident harbour master or full time staff to administer and oversee launching procedures.

Saying all of this Portreath Harbour is an interesting place to visit, steeped in maritime and mining history with good sea views, excellent cliff walks and a beautiful safe sandy beach next to it. Our membership will only be to glad to help you, answer questions and provide information should you need it.

Respect our Harbour and Portreath will respect you.